Saturday, January 30, 2016

[RAFFLE] A Baudi Pitbull as a first prize !!

The beginning of the raffle to support the French F3F national team is approaching, and we will soon explain the rules, but before that, let's start to describe the different price proposed !

The first price will be a Baudis Pitbull with accesories (F3F strong version) on a very special and unique Team France color design:

The Pitbull is specially designed for F3F competition. Idea of Pitbull came from tests of one F3B profile. During the hundreds hours of testing we noticed that the profile is incredible fast in turns. So it suggested itself that the profile is ideal for task in F3F with large number of turns, where the turning performance is essentials.

Pitbull is flown by some of the finest pilots with excellent results. Pilots flying with Pitbull like Lukas Gaubatz, Filip Kalensky and Martin Ziegler are top ranked in CONTEST results F3F 2014/15.

Construction of the model is fully composite with carbon in all stressed parts. For wingspar is used high modular carbon with very low ductility and kevlar honeycomb, which resulted in light and very stiff construction.

Wing sandwich construction:

  • glass fabric 50g/m² on surface of wing
  • bi-directional carbon fabric 160g/m²
  • Herex
  • glass fabric 50g/m² in last layer


  • kevlar honeycomb/high-module carbon sandwich

Fuselage with double standard carbon

Weight 2250-2350g

Stay tuned for the next super prizes as they are many  of them !

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